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 Photo Gallery

A Trail Work V-Bay to Stewart Lake.


Ear Falls Trail Work






They got that way by Volunteers putting in their spare time so others can enjoy.


Oops In the Creek!                       I said Stay!                              


OSM Riders loved the wilderness of our trails. Check out the hole beside the Orange Cat. Its where the rider from Fort fell in up to his waist


WOW Ride! The Three Amigo's made some snow angles. Then had Chili with us at the clubhouse. Bid them goodbye at Stewart Lake where Kenora riders guided them on to the Super8 in Kenora.




Canadian Snowmobile Challenge Past through Dryden.



Snowarrama 2010




Our trails before clearing after the rain and wet snow!





Our Trails after the volunteers spent days clearing hanging branches and leaning trees.

Thanks to the hard work and hundreds of hours of volunteer time they are again open and awesome once more.





Groomer hard at work.



Eagle Lake Sunset



Just outside V bay and Pipeline hill









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